When I received my diagnosis.

I was happy until I started school. There I fought an uphill battle in order to understand their language. I tried to understand why I was sitting there like a question mark, when the others already started with the tasks. The teachers set higher requirements for each year and there was absolutely no help to me. When teachers noticed that I had difficulty reading and writing, I had to go in a special education teacher. I was ashamed and knew nothing. I could not sit still in there with all the idiots. I had a lot of friends but never felt loved. Uncertainty about the many times I behaved myself differently was that I had anxiety and was depressed. Over the years I had many thoughts and reflections on why I seemed to be different from others in my vicinity.

- Why was I so hard with many people?

- Why I was always outside when I had the most friends of all?

-  Why I had such a hard time to stay?

-  Why I prefer socialized with animals than people?

-  Why I always got tired so quickly?

I'm not an idiot. But I have disabilities that make that I can not convey the same level, and that I am struggling more than others all the time.

Everything became more difficult when I started high school. When I did not understand, I went on the "toilet", but went instead to the friends who had a break and hung with them. I cut classes a lot and it felt as if the whole world was against me, Later I join a study for my difficulties. The study lasted for one year and ended just before I walked out of high school, which was a shame. I never got the help I needed or support to work with my classmates.

When doctors examine to see how it works at school, they are meticulous. It is important that nothing is wrong so to reach the best results and then establish a diagnosis. And I was diagnosed with ADHD.  It was a confirmation of something I already knew. The investigation took a long time and it was long before I got proof on my diagnosis. I started crying when I got the information, but it was also a relief. Now I knew why I was unable to perform at the same level as the others, and teachers could now take into account my disability.  I lose motivation if the subject does not interest me, I decide to do homework, but get stuck on something fun. This is an example of a typical weekday:

Imagine that you now decided to pick up the clothes lying discarded on the floor. You start by taking up a sock and will put it in the laundry basket, but on the way there, you suddenly see a newspaper on the coffee table. You discover something interesting at the magazine cover and thinking that you need to immediately read. If you read the newspaper, it would be a good course with a cup of hot chocolate, so you fill the saucepan with the milk and to produce chocolate powder. When the milk boils, you discover that you should wipe the kitchen table. You take a rag and start wiping the table. When the chocolate is ready, take the magazine to go and sit on the couch, but on the way to the couch, you will see that there is a celestial touch on a bookshelf. You put the cup on the shelf and begins to sort through the books. The clothes have you already forgotten.

Perhaps you will understand that only such trifles make everyday life much more difficult and that the time is not enough for all school projects. I got medicine but I still really struggle in school and I will not remove, however, so may I learn to live with it and accept myself for who I am.

My advice to the public is to stop and try to imagine how we feel with disabilities and then pull together to create a better school situation for everyone.


Moa Oskarsson HVINR2

Postat av: amandaa :)

den va jätte bra ju :D

2010-01-11 @ 23:52:30
Postat av: Madde

verkligen bra moa :)

2010-01-13 @ 19:12:55
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